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Ficha: Le Vicomte Valmont

Estoy viendo que ultimamente hay mucha gente que pregunta por Valmont y bueno, hay alguna informacion en el blog, pero quizas dispersa, y no hay ninguna ficha propiamente dicha como con los demas mangas. Asi pues, aqui voy a hacer una.

I've noticed that there are many people asking about Valmont lately, and though there are some information on the blog, there's no an entry dedicated to it, as there is for the rest of mangas. So i'm going to do one.

Titulo original: 子爵ヴァルモン ~危険な関係~
Año: 2009
Tomos: 1 (publicandose actualmente)
Argumento / Plot
Valmont trata sobre 'Las Amistades Peligrosas', si habeis visto alguna de las peliculas, ya sabreis de que va.

Valmont is about 'Dangerous Liaisons', if you have seen any of the movies, you'll know what it's about.
Otras informaciones / Further information

Valmont se publica en la revista Rinka (extra de la revista Flowers) que sale cada 3-4 meses. Aqui os dejo (aunque ya antes lo habia puesto) una imagen con las portadillas de capitulo de lo publicado hasta ahora.

Valmont is being published on Rinka (Flowers magazine Extra) which is released every 3-4 months. Here you can see (though i've already posted them before) an image of the chapers already published.
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Elenariel dijo...

Hello montanasz! I don't know if the blog's still active but I wanted to let you know that today Valmont was announced by Planet Manga (Panini) Italia.

The first volume will be released in August, price €4.50, and the 2nd volume it's planned for release in october.

I hope this means Chiho Saito's back for us italian fans! ^^