martes, 28 de septiembre de 2010

La web de Flowers ya ha actualizado la informacion y ya tenemos la portada del proximo tomo de Ice Forest que saldra el 8 de Octubre. Y que decir, me encanta!! Creo que es mi preferida de las 8.

Flowers website has been updated and now we have the cover of the next volume of Ice Forest, which goes on sale on October 8th. And what to say, I love it!! I think it's my fav from all the 8.

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Anónimo dijo...

Kinda understand about all the sacnlation trouble that arises lately.
So, I won't object to it, since it;s kind of legal n illegal for us.
Dakra, can you give us a bit of summary for new chapter or volume?
I love this manga so much.
BUT, if it's really not mine to ask you such thing, please just ignore it. Hihihihi, a desperate fan pled only ne ^^

montana dijo...

Well I cant read chinese nor japanese... but I know some spoilers from them thanx to friends... so if you want to know........

I can tell you that Itsuki has married a woman (because of business) and now Yukino is so sad and unhappy. Romain almost took advantage of her in that weak moment, but then he realised she is in love with Itsuki and told her to confess her feelings to Itsuki......Let's see what happens in the next chapter!

Anónimo dijo...

Why I can see this kind of irony happen all over again >_<
First with Kanon, n now.......T T
A, so that woman Yukino seems dislike is Itsuki's
Now, what chapter is that? The latest one? OMG!
Thank you for replying me ne


montana dijo...

it's chapter 39. Now it's been released chapter 41 in Japan.
Well what I dont want to see happen is that Itsuki might die.... (that would be like Basilis no musume....)
We will see, I keep my fingers crossed.........On the other hand, if it was like least the two of them could finally be least at the end...
crap! i dont know what's going to happen and it's killing me! hahaha furthermore because they've been together and now they're not...but obviously still in love with each other.....